A Little Bit Of Farm History ...

Welcome to Inn Farm Dairy, a family run business which has passed through the generations since 1958 until the present day. The farm is currently under the partnership of Chris Hutchinson and son John who, if you haven’t met them yet are passionate not only about the farm and the cows but also about the milk they sell to you too.

The Current Day

Inn Farm Dairy is currently milking 200 cows which are mainly grass fed and graze on the lush Derbyshire grass from mid-April to October.  During the Winter months the cows are housed and fed on grass, maize and corn mainly grown on the farm. We also harvest wheat, barley and oilseed rape. All play an essential part in providing the cows with a balanced diet.  We believe you get out what you put in, so controlling the cows feed is fundamental in making our milk taste so good.

The vending machine is housed in one of the many sheds. For all of the year you can see and hear the cows as they are milked less than 100 yards from where you are currently standing (so if you wondered how fresh your milk is that should answer your question). Our cows are milked twice daily and the milk for the vending machine is taken straight from the tank into the pasteuriser, then finally moved to the vending machine which can take as little as 6 hours.

A Few Facts from the Past

Inn Farm Dairy was actually a coaching Inn called the Scarsdale Arms until the 1930’s when it ceased trading to become a farm.

  • In 1958 Robert Hutchinson started milking at Inn Farm with just 50 cows.
  • In 1965 Inn Farm built their first milking parlour but previous to that they would milk the cows in a field standing on a hay bale.
  • Between 1960 to 1970 cows were taken to Atlow by horses in the Summer to allow the wheat to grow in the fields.
  • In 1975 the farm had a Rotary Milking Parlour which was the only one in the country. However, this was not successful so had to be scrapped and went back to the more traditional Herringbone Milking Parlour which is still used to this day.
  • Chris Hutchinson was born on the farm and took the reins of the farm in 1990.
  • At present the farm is run by Chris and his son John.
  • In 2017 the vending machine was introduced as the perfect way to give local people the chance to come and buy fresh and nutritious pasteurised milk straight from the farm.

We hope you all enjoy our Inn Farm Dairy Milk. The cows and team are proud and passionate in providing our customers the very best milk!