FResh Milk EveryDay

Here's A Few Great Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Inn Farm Dairy's Milk Everyday!


1. Extremely Fresh Milk - Our cows are milked twice daily, 365 days a year.


2. Better Tasting Milk - Our milk can be available to you in less than 6 hours! meaning a better fresher milk.


3. No Mileage - We milk our cows less than 500 metres from the vending machine meaning less travel time!


4. Taste Like It Used Too! - Our milk is how nature intended it to be 4% fat, 96% fat free so get ready for cream with your cornflakes.



5. It's All Natural - Nothing is added to our milk, your getting the best milk available?


6. Grass Fed Cows - You can't have great milk without great cows.


7.  Support Local Farmers - Buying our milk means you'll be supporting your local farmer & your local community.


8. Milk Is Full Of Goodness - Milk is full of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, great whatever your age.